Pixel43770 is a project jointly created by Michael 'Caco' Peguero and Emily Russell.


The hum you hear coming from your computer is actually the soundscape of a thriving digital city.

Pixel43770 is a virtual storybook, that invites the user to explore and navigate a digital city in an effort to get a dislodged pixel home. Using the power of the immersive virtual architecture as a way to pull the story along, the user is invited to literally explore the landscape of a computer desktop. The storybook aims to  create a sense of wonder that one might find when exploring a foreign city for the first time. 

Concept art below. Check out the animations and take a spin in the immersive drawings!


From the Desert.

From the Desert


Enter the City.

Enter the City





Find clues.



Climb higher.

Over The City


Above the digital clouds.

Look down