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Harvard xDesign Conference

Co-Chair of the 2014 Harvard xDesign Conference, a joint effort between Harvard Graduate School of Design, and Harvard Business School. 

The second annual By Design conference focused on the collaborative relationship between business leaders & creative directors.

Check out the video above and hear from industry leaders working in fashion, tech, media, design, and film speak on the process of innovation and implementation. Immerse yourself in conversations about how these leading professionals have pushed their companies internally, with both creative and business strategies to create visionary outcomes. Learn from start-ups, small studios, and large companies about the working relationships fundamental to a project's success, the power of creativity, and the process behind its influence. 

Get behind-the-scenes perspectives from contributors to Vogue, Joseph-Gordon Levitt's production company hitRECord, General Assembly, Finnish fashion and design house Marimekko, and Google Creative Lab, among others.

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